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2018 is the year comes alive to provide free information + tools, and offer paid services focused on only the HIGHEST digital marketing PRIORITIES local businesses and eCommerce stores need to implement before taking on the seemly endless marketing tasks that can be added to your to-do list (I use Trello), but in 2017 I want to focus on sharing the crucial steps that will make or break your digital marketing efforts and save the rest for later.

I am not big on New Year’s resolutions, because I believe you should make a change the moment you identify a need to change, instead of wait until the new year, but I do believe in annual goal setting. So, here is the challenge I have accepted and challenge you to accept as well:

Step 1 – What are your 2018 goals?

Write a numbered list, starting with the highest priority goals:

  1. Goal 1
  2. Goal 2
  3. Goal 3
  4. Goal 4
  5. Goal 4

Step 2 – Post your list in plain view

Write your goals where the list can be posted where you can see it upon waking up every morning. For example, write your list on a whiteboard placed in your bedroom or notebook paper, taped to your bathroom mirror.

Step 3 – Roadmap

Outline steps needed to achieve each goal and schedule steps in your calendar with start and end dates for each goal.

Step 4 – Accountability

Get one or more accountability buddies to also join this challenge. For example, I have nominated 21 people to join me on a 30 Day Workout Challenge (post coming soon) and will follow up with those who have accepted: weekly, monthly, and at the end of 2018.

What are you 2018 goals? Feel to post publically in the comments to hold yourself accountable.