About Me

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. — Albert Einstein

I am a full time SEO consultant based in Orange County, California. I specialize in local search, link building and online reputation management, and also integrate SEO, social media and Pay-Per-Click to develop creative strategies that generate synergy. My experience includes a diverse variety of clients from law firms to Fortune 500 companies.

How I spend my time

  1. Internet Marketing75%
  2. Training Muay Thai 20%
  3. Playing with My Cat 5%

How I got into SEO

I stumbled into digital marketing by accident. In 2006, I began selling fitness supplements out of my wall locker while serving in the United States Marine Corps. Sales quickly grew to several thousand dollars a month and I decided to take the operation online. At the time I knew nothing about running an eCommerce website. Somewhere along the process of figuring out how to drive traffic I discovered the magical world of SEO. Ultimately trying to build the world’s greatest online store while using my barracks room as a warehouse turned out to be a failure, but began my journey of optimizing websites.

During later business ventures I refined my skills to a point where I was working full-time for digital marketing agencies. The road to learning SEO was long, costly, and the truth is, I had almost quit internet marketing altogether. It took countless hours and thousands of dollars before I finally gained a comprehensive understanding of the art and science of optimizing websites to be both appealing to visitors and rank at the top of search engines.

Working with clients

Several things have motivated me to offer my services to the public. Firstly, I want to save others the time, money, and frustration I experienced trying to learn exactly what channels are needed to drive business online and how to do it. In short, I only bother with what is essential and disregard the rest. This means offering services packaged only based on effectiveness, not an attractive price point that makes it easy to sell. This means being honest with a client when I can and cannot help them. When it comes to clients, I take a genuine interest in their business from learning about their industry to improve their bottom line. I like to win and I believe it’s important to do so by ethical means because aboveboard strategies survive the ebbs and flows of the internet in contrast to fly-by-night tactics and moreover because it’s the right thing to do. I’m honest with setting realistic expectations up front. I’m straightforward and don’t act like some guru employing mystical, secret tactics; everything in my approach relates to fundamental marketing concepts that a common person can understand.