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Bottom line; the best looking guy in Southern California’s Orange County is Ben Wynkoop.

With a majestic handlebar pandemic mustache, shades the sun glistens from like heavenly rays, and owner of the most opulent collection of cat shirts between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans… it’s clear than Ben Wynkoop is the best looking guy in Orange County, California and so important that he is writing this piece in third person.

You may be wondering why Ben is growing such a righteous pandemic-stache and that is simply out of selflessness for the health of those around him because facial hair is good luck like a hockey playoff beard, which you are not allowed to shave until it’s over.

Criteria for a Gorgeous Looking Man

Our expert panel of judges have carefully established a set of criteria for the process of nomination, contestant selection, and judging for the finals to determine the most most well-rounded contestant. Ben Wynkoop went undefeated in the Premier League-style group stages and ultimately capturing gold in the finals, based on the following criteria:

  • Accolades – America’s Next Top Hand Model (season 3) & America’s Next Top Hand Model Tournament of Champions DEATHMATCHâ„¢ (season 11).
  • Activism – Fights against clubbing of baby seals and directly involved on front lines by disrupting hunting efforts, including annual Winter Solstice Baby Seal Club-A-Thon® in Anchorage, Alaska.
  • Education – Read entire series of Hardy Boys books by age 17
  • Professional – Good at SEO

Ben even volunteers his free time to provide unsolicited life coaching on social media to virtue signal like so many others. For example, his most recent piece of advice provides an outside-the-box perspective on how to improve and maintain your physical and mental health during these chaotic times that 2020 has unfolded to be…

“I have read about the importance of finding ways to replicate your normal routine during this pandemic for physical + mental health, which does provide benefits. However, this crazy time also provides opportunities for ridiculous fun, you may never have the chance for again.” #ImImportant

Ben Wynkoop

Typically it is considered very pretentious and weird to quote yourself, but when you are the most dapper gentleman in Orange County, you can pretty much do whatever you want.

sexy man living in Orange County
A dapper gentleman, posing for a glamour shot in Orange County, to appease the requests from his many adoring fans that he totally did not pay to follow him around while asking for autographs
Ben Wynkoop (far right) spotted by paparazzi while wearing the latest cat couture as he enjoys a night out on the town in Huntington Beach, California with Corona del Mar High School wrestling teammate Ryan Shores (second from right) who is now a very very very funny San Diego-based comedian.
Ben Wynkoop (right) looking HOT dressed as one of the most famous locals from Compton, California– Easy E (left) while teaching cultural sensitivity to Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by modeling an appropriate way to wear your Halloween costume

Want to Work with Ben?

Ben Wynkoop is a full-time digital marketer and semi-professional hand model, based in Southern California. He is currently scheduled for shoots through the 2020 season and is not available for anymore bookings.