10 Takeaways from Wil Reynolds on PR in SEO at SEM San Diego

Posted on June 24, 2014

The future of search engine optimization heavily involves the trifecta of public relations, content marketing and social media. At the May 2014 SEM San Diego event Wil Reynolds spoke on the growing role of PR in SEO. Here are 10 takeaways with action steps from his presentation...

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What Are Long Tail Keywords

Posted on January 26, 2014

This lesson explores several important concepts of long tail keywords including the definition, framework, common mistakes and how to use them. Search Engine Optimization is all about using the right keywords. Since the time the concept has existed, marketers and website owners have focused their efforts on getting the right keywords for their business that will effectively increase traffic and in turn increase conversions leading to a higher ...

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4 Crucial Tips On How To Do Local Keyword Research

Local keyword research is often frustrating because the free Google Keyword Planner does not always show data for keyword terms with low search volume. This is often the case with local keyword terms—meaning those that contain geo-modifiers.  (more…)

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