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When opening a new bank account and ordering checks, many receive a complimentary checkbook cover, but do not know how to use it. In addition you may receive a transaction register as well. The transaction register is to manually record the date, payment to, and amount you write each check to.

It may look complicated at first, but each and every one of those plastic flaps has a purpose. Let’s review them!

Step 1: Lift thin, clear plastic strip

Lift the thin, clear plastic strip with your thumb and index finger and separate the individual checks from the back cover of the checkbook.

Step 2: Slide checkbook into slip

Slide the back cover of your checkbook under thin clear plastic strip and also under the clear plastic flap used to separate checks not being used from the check currently being filled out.

Step 3: Lift clear plastic flap



Step 4: Use plastic flap to separate checks

Put the plastic flap behind the next check and carbon copy so that when you write a check, the pressure of the pen does not damage the carbon copies of subsequent checks.

Step 5: Lift clear plastic


Step 6: Slide transaction register into slip

Both books neatly lay flat.