Importance of Niche Experience

Honestly, any professional digital marketer can achieve success for local businesses, regardless of having experience in an industry. However, internet marketers who specialize in a niche often come aboard not needing to do industry research including: the customer buying cycle, blog post topics based on the buying cycle, best, relevant directories to get listed on, and relevant websites to get high quality links from.

Martial Arts

My experience with martial arts schools started with operating and growing a Jiu Jitsu school by 100 members in 2 years.


I love CrossFit because it caters to many types of people and the potential to target more fitness segments than most boxes do.

Vision Care

My experience includes cataract removal and eye care, but love LASIK because it is not very competitive for how lucrative.

Permanent Makeup

I focus on helping permanent eye makeup studios fill their calendars with microblading, lips, and eyeliner appointments.

Law Firms

I previously did SEO at a law firm and love legal marketing because if you can succeed here, you can succeed anywhere.