Generating leads with Google AdWords can be a money fire


I make it efficient and measurable.

Pay-Per-Per click (PPC) is the quickest digital marketing channel to quickly drive a large amount of traffic to a local business’s website. Also referred to as “paid search”on major search engines such a Google, Bing, and Yahoo, PPC, can provide almost immediate results, while SEO can take over a month to see an effect and 9-12 months to achieve full momentum. Good SEO provides residual results and the most substantial market share on the web because a majority of people click on local and organic search results versus paid search results. Like most forms of advertising, PPC provides results while you are paying for it. Starting out with only SEO can be understandably be too much of a leap of faith for most businesses. Long-term multiple marketing channels, including SEO and PPC are ideal to diversify your traffic sources… just like investing your personal money.

What is PPC Advertising?

Pay-per-click is a type of digital advertising where advertisers pay each time a visitor clicks on their ad. Digital advertising platforms include: Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, and the most common being Google AdWords. Here is an overview of how creating a campaign works:

    1. Keyword Research –  I conduct initial keyword research using three methods to find as many terms possible that potential customers are searching to find what you offer. 1.) Google’s Keyword Planner to find many relevant options.  2.) Professional tools like SEMrush which allows me to see what keywords competitor’s PPC campaigns are targeting.  3.) Related searches located at the bottom of Google’s search results.
    2. Create Ads –  Ads crafted around each keyword that speak to the intent of what users searched and highlight why they should choose your business.
    3. Landing pages – Function is more important than aesthetics with landing pages, so I ensure important elements are present, such as a distinguishable logo, phone number, and web form to capture leads or book appointments.


Why PPC is crucial in early stages

I recommend local business start with PPC as one of their first marketing channels to 1.) quickly generate revenue to grow their marketing budget 2.) see if their marketing specialist or agency is legitimate. While search engine optimization is my first passion, the truth is, it can take up to 9-12 months to reach full momentum and paid traffic can bridge the gap  while waiting for SEO to pay off in the long run.

Existing Campaigns

Let me look at your existing Google AdWords campaigns for just 5 minutes to check two crucial, fundamental areas that are often neglected to see if there are huge opportunities for improvement. First, it’s surprising how many business are wasting money paying for clicks on searches that are not closely relevant to what service or product they offer. This is due to poorly managed keyword targeting.. a situation I love fixing because the quick results leave clients extremely thankful due to typically not only earning more revenue, but also at a lower ad spend. Secondly, any professional local PPC management service should setup conversion tracking directly in the AdWords dashboard so clients can see the number of conversions and cost per conversion to the penny in a specific time frame. Conversions for local businesses typically include phone calls, web-form opt-ins for a free trial or consultation, and in some cases online bookings. Thankfully Google AdWords has a feature I quickly implement to track calls from ads, so you don’t need to port your phone number to a call-tracking service. If your digital marketing channels are not configured to track cost per conversions, you do not have enough information to make educated business decisions.