Local Search Services for Small Businesses

Why Local SEO?

“Location, location, location” is often a mantra in real estate.d If these are the three most important things when deciding where to place a brick and mortar establishment, then why wouldn’t you invest in building the most visible presence when taking marketing efforts online? Digital advertising works, but often results in short-term return on investment; once you stop, revenue stops. In contrast, Local SEO is the ideal long-term solution and the internet equivalent to building an amazing storefront that provides a residual benefit when new customers consistently come to you.

4 pillars for ranking in local search

1. Reviews

Google is the main place you wan to earn reviews, but don’t neglect other important websites such as Yelp, Facebook and industry-specific directories such as AVVO for attorneys and WebMD for doctors. Reviews are also a major ranking factor for the non-Google websites previously mentioned. Yellow star snippets should appear in Google’s local search results once a listing has 5 or more reviews.

2. Citations

Citations are a business name, address and phone number A.K.A. “NAP.” Ensure your NAP on all citations matches the exact spelling of that on your Google listing. Start by ensuring you are listing on the top generic sources in your country such as Yelp, Facebook, and Bing, etc… Then ensure you are listed on the top local and industry-specific websites. Lastly try to build all citations competitors have that you do not.


3. Website

Optimize your website just as you would with any non-local business, but include local-specific aspects such as your business name, address, and phone number A.K.A. “NAP”, embedded Google Map, and location or service area pages, and more…


4. Link building

Build links from other websites pointing to yours. Citation building as mentioned in step 2 is a good place to start because many business directories that allow you to list your NAP also allow you to list your website domain. The second foundational link building method is profiles. Build-out your social media presence by created accounted on major social networks including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Local SEO Services