Get Straightforward Answers To Skip Hours of Trial and Error

Why work with me?

I like to win and have spent not only spent countless hours learning, but have years of hands-on experience figuring what works, what doesn’t and what priority to implement strategies. All sessions are no holds barred… there are no secrets hidden behind the magic curtain. My goal is not only to improve your bottom line, but save you the many hours it would take to figure out how to dominate the internet through trial and error.

How to use a Consultant to Correctly Approach Local SEO

Many small businesses fall into a cycle of hiring and firing local SEO agencies, simply hoping the next will deliver results. In addition to being a shoot-in-dark approach, your marketing machine is often rebuilt each time. The most reliable approach is for a company to use outside services to help guide and implement strategies that are part of their client’s marketing systems. One example is a law firm I worked with. The managing attorneys determined an effective approach to ranking for extremely competitive keywords in California, by asking the same question to three local SEO consultants and two in-house SEO specialists to know they were on the right track when most or all replied with the same answer. This enabled their business to not be dependent on a single employee or agency. While many small businesses do not have the budget for three consultants on monthly retainer and two full-time in-house SEO employees, this general approach is most efficient way to understand your needs without having to become an SEO expert and have the time to focus on your expertise.

Who This Is For

My Local SEO consulting services are perfect for:

  • Oversight – Have retained another specialist, agency, or in-house employees but want a second opinion
  • Strategy – Handling local SEO in-house and need quick, direct answers to your questions, training or a comprehensive strategy
  • Technical Job Interviews – Hiring staff for your in-house team and want an experienced pro to interview candidates for technical proficiency

Common Solutions

  • Most effective way to continually earn reviews on Google
  • Why your website is ranking high in organic search results, but your Google My Business listing not in the Maps “3 pack”
  • Selecting correct Google My Business categories


For your convenience, I charge by the minute for phone consultations through Clarity. To get started, simply click the “Request a Call” button and schedule an appointment: